THE PRETTY RECKLESS. English version.

9 gen.

Taylor Momsen


Hi there.

Those of you who more or less occasionally follow this blog know that I normally write the entries in Catalan, which is my native language, but as the entry you’re reading now is the first about a series of drawings about The Pretty Reckless, a band from NY whose sound I really like, I’m also going to write this in English, out of respect for them; so, in other words, this will be a bilingual entry. 🙂

Taylor Momsen_esbós

The Pretty Reckless know (or that’s what I’d like to think after getting Erica’s reply) about the existence of this first drawing, presented here in this blog entry, as I’ve sent them a copy like the one shown here via email as it is presented on their official Twitter page.

Taylor Momsen_Línia

This first drawing of the band is dedicated to the composer, singer and occasional guitarist and also the founder of the band, Taylor Momsen, and I can tell you right now that it won’t be the last drawing I’ll do of her. 🙂

Taylor Momsen

I hope you enjoy this first illustration and the 40 second video which I’ve made by way of a presentation, but which I didn’t initially plan to make, which is why not every stage in the making of the drawing appears in it (in later drawings, every stage will be included) and as you’ve read this far, if it’s OK by you, could you please visit my professional Facebook page and like it, or, evenbetter, commission me to draw something:

And here you have my website, which, as you can see, needs some updating:

To draw Taylor Momsen or any other man or woman is, for me, not only a challenge and hard work, but also a pleasure. Scientists say that to draw members of your own species is a sign of love, and there’s certainly something to that, because to really draw a human figure is always something worthwhile, especially if it’s as attractive as that of Momsen, which is why, with people’s permission, I’m going to draw her more often. 🙂


But to draw a rock band whose sound you really like is much more than a challenge, it’s a lot of work, given that because you like them, you want to reveal what it is that you like about them so much, and capturing a spiritual dimension like that isn’t so easy. Even though a band as clearly defined as The Pretty Reckless wouldn’t seem to be very problematic, at least to start with.


When I did this first drawing of Momsen I had just got to know the band, before I didn’t even know it existed, (I’m a last minute admirer, and lucky to be one, but it’s a pity that I’ve missed so much of their stuff, including a concert in Barcelona)  and much less did I make the connection between Taylor Momsen and the band, when I heard them for the first time. I liked them he first time round, and haven’t stopped listening to them since.


The first song of theirs that I heard, which I knew I liked, was  “Goin’Down”, but I still didn’t know the name of the group that was playing, I only found that out after listening to the song; when I first heard it, I liked it more and more the longer I went on listening; the group has a particular sound, as any rock’n’roll band worthy of the name should have; and as for the voice, I said to myself, what a powerful, distinctive, personal voice Momsen has, it’s got a special sound which means that I literally ‘fall in love’ when I hear it. That’s what happened to me and that’s what keeps on happening to me, every time I listen to them afresh, and I like them more and more because I keep discovering new nuances.


The Pretty Reckless have something which is very hip at the time of writing, but they really do have it. The Pretty Reckless and Taylor Momsen, have got strength, lots of strength.

After hearing that first song I quickly went and found out the name of the group who’d been singing it,and of that singer with such a powerful voice…it didn’t take me long and you could have knocked me down with a feather, and the hair stood up on the back of my neck like my punk mohawk back in the ’80s. And for that to happen these days is practically miraculous. 🙂Taylor-Momsen-image-taylor-momsen-36537695-500-833

But at this point in the completely voluntary process of liking I still hadn’t found out to what extent I really liked them, although the first song was a wake-up call warning me that this was just the beginning and that I would become an unconditional fan of The Pretty Reckless and it goes without saying, of Taylor Momsen, if I went on listening to more songs.


I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t stop myself, and I began to really, really like them, and so went on listening to more songs. 🙂

Now I’m just one more fan of the group, a grain of sand on a beach full of people in the same situation as me.


Everything went “in crescendo” after hearing songs such as:  “Sweet Things”, “Factory Girl”, “Make me Wana Die”, “Heaven Knows”, “Going to Hell” and last but not least the musically vitaminic “Miss Nothing”, but The Pretty Reckless have plenty of other aces up their sleeves, and Taylor Momsen‘s voice in ballads like“You”, “Waiting for a Friend”, “Burn”, or “Nothing left to lose” tear your heart apart and can even make you cry when you know what the song’s about; bear in mind that my English isn’t that great and that I have to look for translations.

Now I’m ‘tied’ to The Pretty Reckless, as I was to other bands in other periods of my life; the only difference is that this time I feel the tie in a much more forceful way, and I wanted the band to know this somehow, but without boring them to tears. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this, but now it’s done, and nobody, not even me, can say “Why didn’t you say anything to them?”, because this time I have said something.  Whether they know it or not is another matter.

Until the next blog entry, kisses to all and sundry.

Take care,


I especially want to thank Matthew Tree for translation into English. 🙂




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